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The Lavkenches were the ancient inhabitants of the Arauco territory and in Lebu there were many communities that cohabited with the river and the sea which offered them shelter and food and their way of life.

The Mapuche Lavkenche tourism circuit aims to enhance and preserve the traditions of the Mapuche people who still live in the commune.

At present there are still small communities that preserve the ancient traditions mainly in the southern part of the commune and reflected in cultural heritage remains in the commune.

Day 1: Traces of the Lavkenche culture in Lebu

  • Visit to Plaza de Armas sculpture of children playing Palin
  • Visit to the Mapuche ruca of the museum
  • Lunch products taken from Lavkenmapu
  • Visit to the Kimchemapuche cave
  • Mateada in Playa Millaneco
  • accommodation

Day 2: Morhuilla live territory Lavkenche

  • Visit to the town of Morhuilla
  • Visit to the open-air museum of Morhuilla
  • Lunch at the Wind Farm
  • Visit to the path of the air spirits
  • accommodation

Day 3: Collection in Lavkenmapu

  • Breakfast in Ruca Mapuche.
  • Collection of seafood products
  • Local lunch
  • Nalcas Collection
  • Transfer

Do not miss this great opportunity to know this place and its attractions.

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